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DJ Fluffy

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Cirrus {Scratchmen Apoo}, sometimes referred to as Cloud, or Cloudman, is a relatively new member of the forum Bon Voyage. He is dynamic and random, and has the odd habit of breaking down in the chat...some say he is trying to force a meme down the throats of everyone else which hasn't been proven yet. Cirrus has a multitude of characters in the board, totalling 7. He is also a member of the Bon Voyage Newspaper, having the alias of 'DJ Fluffy'.


Cirrus has 7 characters, each at different stages of development. He has repeatedly vowed not to make another, although the determination of his has been questioned on many an occasion. His characters are listed below:

Dylan WolfEdit

With the epithet of "Black Cloud" Dylan Wolf is the second highest bounty on the site currently. Dylan has eaten the Hai Hai no Mi, a Logia class devil fruit that allows the user to turn into pyroclastic ash.

Alek SorensonEdit

With the epithet of "Checkmate King" Alek Sorenson is one of Cirrus' first characters. He is a cyborg equipped with many weapons in his arsenal. Alek is one of the new generation rookies, being the captain of the Chess Pirates.

Ghost: Model Omicron 6Edit

Ghost: Model Omicron 6 is one of Cirrus' latest characters. It has been described as a 'Flying Harbringer of Death', which holds true. Equipped with prototype marine technology this robot is on a quest to find itself and develop feeling.

Darius FoxEdit

Darius Fox is the second character of Cirrus that has eaten a devil fruit. He has eaten the Bakuta Bakuta no Mi, a Paramecia class devil fruit that allows the user to place arrows on anything barring liquids and determine the direction they will travel, or anything that comes into contact with it travels.

Haru KuwaEdit

Haru Kuwa is Cirrus' only marine. He is the embodiment of Cirrus' brash personality, and is part of the SHIELD division of marines. Equipped with a special scythe, Haru has been given the epithet of "Reaper".


"Barnacles" Kuji is a Blue Whale Fishman. He is part of the Destiny Pirates and has immense strength.

Scratchmen ApooEdit

Cirrus is in possession of the canon Scratchmen Apoo. Having retained Apoo since his audition, Cirrus has roleplayed with the character every month for 4 months. Scratchmen Apoo is one of the canon Supernovas, having a bounty of 198,000,000. He has eaten an unknown devil fruit that allows him to turn his body parts into musical instruments.


  • Cirrus is actually one of the youngest on site, although his age remains a mystery...
  • Cirrus has 634 posts, which equates to an average of 159 posts a month.
  • Cirrus was introduced to the site by Juba.
  • Cirrus has a knack for killing the chat.
  • Each of the characters Cirrus has is an embodiment of his personality.
  • Cirrus has glomped Shadey only once without Dietrich intercepting.
  • Cirrus uses Google Chrome.