The Man Himself


Feb 12, 2010



Madness Level





Baron Bad Bling /Buck Sexington /Monk /MIF /Monkey

monkeyislandfantic{Garp} is a man of class, taste and subtlety.

You may question the content of this article, dismissing it as egotistic nonsense written by the man himself, but this you must not do. There is a simple and definitive reason for this, his modesty is one of his foremost traits.

Alright, my self indulging bollocks section of this page is finished for those who bothered to read down this far. Put simply, I'm an eccentric, occasionally sociopathic, senile, batshit insane gentleman, make of that what you will.

I joined BV a good while ago but stopped after a month or two, only to return near the end of the summer, stronger than ever before!

I have a myriad of characters that occasionally reflect an aspect of myself.

To make this more interesting, let's have a table:

Zansatsu Richards Merrick Madness, lack of feeling
George King Chivalry, Badassery
Garou X Determination
Lucius Tennyson Gentlemanly conduct
Monkey D. Garp Old on the inside, senility
Banett Kaufman Miserly nature, greed

(In Progress)