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June 9

Shade is an Event Moderator of BV who, like everyone a part of BV population, is a very unique person. She is obssessed with One piece and was brought to BV through a sister site that had a short but exciting life.

Her favorite character happens to be Usopp (NOT USSOP) and she likes to read the Manga! She even owns a chatango especially made for the spoilers in recent manga that cannot be stated here thanks to other members who have not reached that point in the anime. THANKS A LOT ANIME! She hates dubs, DESPISES them, but she loves subs and everything that anime could possibly offer.

Outside of One Piece, she loves most every anime, marvel, and disney movie. Cartoons include Spongebob and Young Justice as her two favorites. She can SOMEWHAT draw and has flaunted them over the site before. She lives somewhere she only tells to people she knows, and the same goes for her true name so don't even attempt. She can, however, tell you she owns a Chihuahua who she calls Pepsi and she knows currently no BV member in real life.

Also, in recent days, she has gained a pet tiger, who she names Mystic Purple Tiger. He slumbers in her picture on her Chatango Acount and when he wakes he likes to nom on her head. Ways to get rid of predator includes: throwing candy but it isn't sure that Shade will not chase after it too and fight him for it; Banging him on head but Shade may cry over her pet; force MPT to chase you.

そして、SHADEさんは 日本語を はなします。


Shade owns over 8 characters and is about to have 10. Once she reaches 10, she has pleaded of Kuro to never ever accept another of her characters! EVER! Lets hope Shade at least abides by that. Anyways, her characters include the following:

Captain Taffy Sweet, Candy Lover, Sniper AMEKO
Cook Genna Frightened, Cyborg, Friendly Hoshi
Mad Scientist Mirai Evil, Sadisitc, Tanuki Convent of Shadows
Doctor Bella Cosplayer, Sick, Fencer Dancing Blade Pirates
Navigator Tammy Smart, Actor, Impatient Goggle
Illussionist Felice Family Oriented, Crafty TBA
Crew Member Nali Stubborn, Unique, Sword User Shield
Abador Astelle Lonely, Wierd, Spotlightphobic


The Shadey FamilyEdit

Not really blood family! More like family she has come to adopt as Whitebeard has come to adopt his own children! However, she isn't adopting children, more like adopting siblings.

Anee-San(あねえさん) is no other than Aron Black on the site or, as Shade calls him, Roro! The reason behind it is that one of his characters plays Big Sister to a character of Shade's!

Onee-San(おねえさん) is actually two three people. They are Kurosaki, the admin of the site, and Farris, a director of the site! She loves them both and they like to go on rampages together O_o!!! Also, she has gained a new Onee-san and although she isn't quite part of BV she is still a great sister! Steph-chan!

Aniki(あにき) is Jack Dancer! Even though he has an undying muse that makes her hate him most of the time, he still helps her along in his writing and invokes her own (diable) muse!

Onii-San(おにいさん) is Dietrech! Or Sukka! Or whatever you see him as! Shadey calls him Sukka! They are like best friends and have great fun rping with eachothers characters especially when it involves Estelle!

Ojii-San(おじいさん) is none other than RENE! There relationship is complicated and of all the people on BV, he is the second longest person she has known. He always calls her a certain name >> So she is getting back by calling him Ojii-San!

Current ThreadsEdit

(This area is purely for Shade's benefit for she can't remember which threads she is in too well.)

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